Incense Supplies

We have various incense making supplies to make your journey of dipping incense sticks easy as could be. To dip your own incense you would need a few items. A empty container for dipped the sticks, unscented sticks or cones, fragrance oils and dpg. Optional items could include fork to lift sticks, gloves if lifting by hand or pan cover to eliminate fumes. The DPG will prevent the amount of black smoke that emits when the sticks burn, help sticks burner better and it's also used to control strength. It's really easy dipping your own sticks. You would submerge your sticks/cones in the oil and allow to soak for a few hours or 24 hours. Some people choose to double dip. That's when you allow the sticks to drain after dipping the first time and re-dip again for stronger longer lasting aroma. This is best when using pure undiluted fragrances but it could be done either way. We carry all the supplies you need at reasonable prices including the unscented incense punks and raw materials including diproplyene glycol, cones, incense bags and fragrances oils. If you are new to dipping sticks I would suggest starting with a minimal amount of material and try first on your own first before purchasing in bulk.