California White Sage Whole Leaf

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You'll receive a pound of loose white sage leaves. Great for burning and spiritual meditation cleansing.

General Information about California White Sage White Sage also known as smudging sage is a popular herb used for house cleaning herb, for you to detox the mind, in relation also detoxing the body and surrounds mental poison or negativity. It is also used as a tool to ridden negative spirits many years ago this was practice by Native Americans and still is used today for the same purpose. This kind of herb can often be used to showcase curing and spirituality. It's much like a incense made of leaves. Our white sage is harvest at the right time of the year and the leaves are allowed to air dry making it ready to use

Smudging -- An effective Exercise! How is smudging so powerful to our world and surrounding spaces? The spiritual elements that white sage carries is so vibrate yet it's invisible cleanse techniques of smudging helps with a clean emotional being. Smudging suppose to attach to negative energy and the smoke release it somewhere else. This is what has been said for about sage smudging for decades.

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