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Wholesale Incense Sticks

What are incense?
Incense - is an fragrance substance that brings out an strong fragrant aroma odor when it's burned. It could be scented incense sticks, cone incense, spiral incense and variety on many other types of incense. They all have the same purpose to give out a fragrance aroma.

Wholesale Incense Sticks
Hand Dipped Fresh to Order

11 inch, approx. 100 sticks
Regular Price : $2.99

1500 Incense Stick Package
Starter Package * See Notes Below
includes 15 bundles of approx. 100 sticks
Regular Price: $34.50
1000 Incense Stick Package
Economy Starter Package
* See Notes Below
includes 10 bundles of approx. 100 sticks
Regular Price: $25.95


Why purchase our wholesale incense?
First, our incense sticks are dipped in premium grade fragrance oil to produce a very strong fragrance aroma. We only use the best manufacturer grade fragrances to soak our incense. Our incense are dipped in 100% alcohol free fragrance oils and soak for 24 hours and never less. This is the reason that it takes us up to 4 days to ship orders containing incense. We want to ensure that our incense receive total saturation.

* NOTES: If you order multiple packages of our incense stick starter packages you MAY received multiple bundles of the same fragrance. If you do not want to to receive duplicates it is suggested you pick and choose your incense sticks at the regular price of $2.99 per bundle.

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