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Incense Safety & Instructions

When burning incense always use caution around kids. The heat or flame from a burning incense or cone could ignite surround materials such as table cloths, curtains or carpet.

Simple instructions to light incense: You'll hold the stick away from skin, face or clothing and light the tip of the incense stick or cones and allow to burn for a few seconds to ensure a thorough light. Once lit you'll blow out the flame. Put the burning stick or cone in a fireproof container to catch the ash.

How to extinguish incense sticks: Simply blow the stick out. You could also use sand to put out the flame or water. Never allow the stick to lay on any type of surface while hot. Eventhough the sticks are out. The heat from the stick could still cause a fire. All stick to cool before laying on combustible material.

Fragrance Safety – never use fragrance oils internally. They are synthetically created fragrances made of man made materials or chemicals. Be carefully not to wipe into eyes. Always wash hands after handling oils. Keep all fragrances and diffusers away from your children.

Do not Inhale product: if you have problems with allergies or asthma. You should be careful with various fragrances to prevent an attack. Some scents are stronger than orders. We also advise against using in closed rooms or small spaces.

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